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Saturday, January 22, 2011

God Did It For Me! Part 5 (Extended Family)

From the beginning of our trip to the States, we saw how God provided for us in special ways. A few days before we left, my cousin Tammie (Ashcraft) González and her family, who are missionaries in El Salvador, came through on their way to the States. It was such a special blessing to be able to see them and to spend some time with them.

It had been about 10 years since I had last seen Tammie.

While they were here, I mentioned to Tammie the great desire that we had to go to the States, and she said she’d be praying that it would all work out.

(At that point, we weren’t sure if we were going or not.)

We got our tickets on Friday, to leave on Sunday…. That afternoon, I excitedly called Tammie and told her, knowing that she, too, would be excited.

Henry and Tammie Gonzalez and their children

On Sunday afternoon, a couple of hours before our bus left, Tammie called me and said she had arranged for us be picked up at the airport in Monterrey by a couple in my Uncle Tommy’s church (our plane got in at 11:00 p.m.!); and that we were to stay in Uncle Tommy and Aunt Brenda’s house. (!) I couldn’t believe it. We were touched by Tammie’s interest in our trip, to have made these special arrangements. “And…” she continued, “I have arranged for you to have a ride across the border. You will be riding with Mrs. Suhl and her son, who want to go to the States for Christmas, but need someone to travel with them.” How good the Lord is! Not only would Mrs. Suhl be a blessing to us, but we could be a blessing to her in return! I thanked Tammie over and over for taking time to work out these arrangements.

Things worked out so nicely! (They always do when the Lord arranges them, don’t they?!) The very sweet couple (Bro. Francisco and his wife) picked us up at the airport; we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship all the way to Uncle Tommy and Aunt Brenda’s house. (Uncle Tommy and his family had left that morning to go to the States for Christmas. But they had left clean sheets on the bed! And everything was so clean!) We all enjoyed nice, hot showers; and fell into a nice, soft bed. My prayer that night was, “Thank you, Lord, for the extra-special things You do for us!”

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Brenda

Our trip the next morning with Mrs. Suhl and her son was so much fun! It was a special blessing to have gotten to ride with them all the way to Austin. (“Thank you, Mrs. Suhl!”)

While we were in the States, we also got to have a very special visit with my Aunt Pam and Uncle Lanny (Mom’s brother); and we also go to see their daughter, Rebecca, and their beautiful granddaughter, Madison. It had been ten years since I had seen Rebecca, and I had never met Madison. It was very special to get to see them again.

Mom and Aunt Pam

Rebecca with Sarah and me

Rebecca, Madison and Aunt Pam

I am an adult now, but looking back, I can see how my aunts have had a godly influence in my life. I remember as a child, when we would go visit my Aunt Brenda I loved to watch her in her home; and when my sister Sarah and I were still single, we took a trip to a conference at Uncle Tommy’s church, and Aunt Brenda was such a wonderful hostess!

I admire her and thank the Lord for this godly example that I have.

And I will always remember how LOVED my Aunt Pam made me feel. She has always expressed her love for me and an interest in what I do and what is going on in our lives. To a child, that means a lot, and even now as an adult, it is encouraging to know she is praying for me.

A special THANK YOU to my aunts. I love you! As I think about my own nephews and nieces now, I pray that I can be a godly influence and example to them!

I hope they can love me as much as I love my aunts!

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Debby said...

The Lord is so good to us! Thank you so much for sharing with us, Anna.