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Thursday, January 20, 2011

God Did It For Me! Part 4 (Find Us Faithful!)

On this trip to the States, (definitely one of the high-lights!) we also got to meet the daughter of Missionary John Beekman, who led my father-in-law to the Lord, and with whom he worked for several years. Mrs. Judy and her husband, Steve, were such gracious hosts! We enjoyed a delicious meal in their beautiful home. We talked for several hours, mostly about Andrew’s parents and their connection with Mrs. Judy’s parents. Then Mrs. Judy brought out four zip-loc bags, each with photos which Mrs. Elaine Beekman had neatly organized into each bag. It was so neat to see photos that the Beekmans had taken of their life and ministry among the Ch’ol Indians. One of the photos is of Mom and Dad López, when they were very young. In the photo, Dad López is holding 2-year-old Magdalena (who is now 52 years old!) and Mom López is holding a new-born Samuel (who is now 50 years old!)
Mrs. Judy gave us some things that belonged to Mrs. Elaine Beekman to take as gifts to my mother-in-law: she gave us a set of canisters and some bead necklaces. What treasures these will be, especially for my mother-in-law, who loved the Beekmans so much!

It was sweet to hear Mrs. Judy sing a song in Ch’ol to us;
and then our children sang in Ch’ol for her.

Mrs. Judy’s younger brother, Gary, came as well and we were able to meet him and his lovely wife, Julie. What a blessing to have been able to sit and have fellowship with these dear Christian people! Our hearts were knit to theirs at once!

Andrew talking to Gary and Julie Beekman

(Notice the canisters on the table between Andrew and Bro. Gary)

Debbie and Andrew playing in Mrs. Judy's livingroom

“Thank You, Lord, for the example of faithfulness we have in the lives of these missionaries. May those who come behind us find us faithful.”

Julie and Gary Beekman; Judy and Steve Van Rooy

One reason we went to the States was to buy a car. (We had been praying for a 2001; Andrew especially wanted a 4-cylinder with a manual transmission.) When we were at Mrs. Judy’s house, Andrew mentioned to Bro. Steve that he was looking to buy a car. Bro. Steve said, “I have a friend who sells used vehicles; he used to be a Wycliffe missionary, he is honest, and has never sold a ‘lemon.’ Let me call him up and see what he’s got.” Bro. Steve called him; he said: “Yes, he has a 2001 Toyota Camry. It’s a great vehicle, but it’s a 4-cylinder and has a manual transmission.” Andrew and I looked at each other and laughed. Andrew said, “That’s exactly what I’m looking for!”

A few days later, we got in touch with the salesman, and within a few minutes of seeing the car, Andrew said, “This is the one!” Praise the Lord. HE gave us this car; and He used Bro. Steve to help us get it!

Our beautiful car. "Thank You, Lord!"


Sherie said...

So awesome how God takes care of us!

Colleen said...

Such good news! I'm so glad God provided a good car! God is SO good! Thank you for sharing your testimony of God's goodness! What a blessing! It is good to sing praises to our God! ~Colleen

Michael Kane said...

This trip was such a blessing! He is ever faithful. Thanks for sharing this.

Garry said...

How exciting for you guys! So neat to have such close ties to such an important part of ya'lls history.