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Monday, March 28, 2011


Florinda is a precious young lady in our church who got saved about 2 years ago. She and her brother, Esteban (who got saved about 7 years ago) are Tzotzil Indians and come from the village of Pacanám. The church in Pacanám was started by Bro. Sebastian, a man who got saved many years ago under Dad’s ministry, and who has started about 9 churches among the Tzotzil Indians.

Esteban is the second from the left

I remember when Esteban started bringing Florinda to church…she was a little shy. After she got saved and baptized, she slowly began to get involved in church activities. After she went to camp two years ago, I noticed a change in her, and she began to grow steadily in her Christian life. Not long after that, Mom wanted someone from the church to help her out in her house. I suggested Florinda, whom I knew was needing a job. Florinda came to help Mom, and has been nothing but a blessing!

Since Mom has been gone for a few months, Florinda has been helping me with my housework (she comes once a week) and goes over to Liz’s house to work there, as well. Florinda is responsible, reliable, joyful…such a delight to have around!

Today is her 17th birthday, and being HER SPECIAL DAY, I wanted to introduce her to my readers.

Please pray for Esteban and Florinda. They both attend public schools and are often harassed for not participating in the ungodly activities that take place among their classmates. They earnestly desire to please the Lord, wanting to keep themselves pure and clean. As the Teen Girl’s Sunday School teacher, I have visions in my mind of what the girls in my class could one day become. What can God do with a group of girls who surrender their lives to Him? May God give us many more Florindas…purposing in their hearts to live for God, willing to pay the price so that God will be glorified in their lives!

Florinda and me. (She made this blouse for my birthday last month. Can you see the beautiful stitching?) --Excuse my messy hair-do!!!--


Jolene said...

So glad I got to meet sweet Florinda in November. Even though I could not speak to her, her cheerful countenance told me so much about her. It makes a world of difference for me to read your blog since I have actually seen so many of the people you talk about! And, please tell Florinda happy birthday from David and I. Love ya!

Colleen said...

Happy 17th Birthday Florinda! Anna, I'm glad she has been such a blessing to you!

Garry said...

"Happy Birthday Florinda!!"