Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless HIS HOLY NAME.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mrs. Colleen Bond

Someday when I've traveled my last mile here,

The call will be coming for me

I'll enter the life boat that will be near

To carry me over the sea.

He'll hold my hand

As over the river I go

Then safe I'll be

In beautiful Heaven I know.

I'm ready to go to that golden shore

To live there while ages shall roll

I want to meet loved ones, and saints of yore

In Heaven, Blessed Home of the soul.

When my sibblings and I were younger, I remeber singing that sweet song in the Petra Baptist Church. Pastor W.N. Bond and Deacon Horace Clowdis would wave their hands as we would sing that song, and I would see sweet Mrs. Bond wipe a tear from her eye.

Mrs. Colleen Bond was one of the sweetest Christian ladies that I have ever known. Having known Dad since he was just nineteen years old, she came to love us as her own grandchildren. I remember going to her house when we were there and eating delicious home-cooked dinners. I loved to hear her sweet, happy laugh...I can still hear it this morning.

Yesterday evening, the Lord called Sweet Mrs. Bond to Heaven...and Heaven just became sweeter to me. My heart grieves, not for her, but for us who remain...for Dear Bro. Bond.... But my heart rejoices that she is in Heaven with her Lord, and that we will see her again someday!

So we need not sorrow, as others which have no hope. For one day we SHALL BE caught up together with our loved ones in the clouds, to meet our Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. What blessed hope we have! I'll see you again some day, Sweet Mrs. Bond!

"Thank You, Lord, for putting Mrs. Bond in my life. Thank you for her sweet testimony. Thank you for the privilege I had of knowing her."

When we went to the States in December, we were able to go to Petra Baptist Church, and Andrew met the Bonds....I am so thankful we had that opportunity! Last night, when I told Andrew that Mrs. Bond had passed away, he said, "Thank the Lord we were able to go see them! I am so thankful I got to meet her!”


Michael Kane said...

What a great hope we have of seeing our loved ones in heaven never to be apart again! Wonderful knowing that you will see your dear friend once more.

Andrea said...

Thank you Anna, it was hard to read through this without crying. Sister Bond was a beautiful Christian lady, and she had the tenderest heart I've ever known. She wept for others constantly, she cried because of the need of Jesus she saw in others, it broke her heart when someone she loved was not living for Jesus. She would constantly wipe a tear off the corner of her eye when a hymn, testimony, or message touched her heart--that happened every service! What a blessing and privilege to have known her!! Thank you again for writing about her!!

Anna said...

It was an honor to have known her. She was a wonderful lady. I would love to be just like her!

--She loved you, too, Andrea. She spoke lovingly of you every time I saw her. Thank you for watching out for her and for being a blessing to her.--


Jolene said...

We're going to miss her, aren't we? Praise the Lord for examples like Mrs. Bond who have shown us what it is like to truly walk with Jesus.