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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome Home, Mimi!

In November, Mom went to the States. She left with David and Jolene, who had come for the annual Christmas banquet; she stayed with them until their Baby Micah James was born. Then, she traveled to several churches, was invited to speak at many banquets and ladies’ conferences; she spent time with my brother, Joel and his family and with my sister, Elizabeth and her family (who were in the States as well).

How we all missed Mom while she was gone! Mom has such a big part in the ladies’ ministries here in the church; and she is a wonderful Mimi to the children and a fun-loving mother-in-law; and beloved to all who know her! She was greatly missed while she was gone!

Mom was gone for six months, and six months seems like a long time when you miss someone, doesn’t it? She returned on May 31…She drove into our gate at 3:35 on that Tuesday afternoon. The moment we had all been looking forward to for so long finally arrived!

Now we feel that all is back to normal. “Thank You, Lord, for the privilege I have of being so close to my mother. Thank you for the blessing she is as a mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and Christian!”

At our monthly Ladies' Prayer Breakfast, last Wednesday,
we gave Mom a welcome-home reception.

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~Ruth said...

God has been good to give you the gift of living close to Mom. What a wonderful woman she is, and I am SO blessed to call her Mom. Please give her a hug for me...I love you!