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Monday, July 4, 2011

One Nation Under God

Celebrating July 4th last year

As a United States citizen living in a "foreign" land (which to me is not so foreign!), America is a very special place to me.Growing up (and even to this day), we always had a special celebration on July 4th. We pledged to our flag every morning in school, and we learned US history in our school books.

I am married to a Mexican and I love Mexico. I grew up in Mexico; Mexico is home to me. When we go to the United States, it is for a visit, and we come back "home" to Mexico. Our children were born here in the clinic of a doctor-friend; I thank the Lord that our children have dual citizenship.

Living on the mission field, you hear the news (both from the local newscaster and US news on the internet) and the reports we get are mostly negative concerning the direction of our homeland. As a US citizen living on foreign soil, those reports are heartbreaking, creating a feeling of insecurity.

But for those of you living in the wonderful United States of America, I must tell you that when we went the States for a visit in December, the moment we crossed the border, we could feel the change. Even my Mexican husband commented on the change: the feeling of security; the obvious order due to the enforcement of the laws; the friendliness of people in just about any place of business. Don't take America for granted...enjoy the freedom and justice that come from living in that great land.

When we went to the States in December, I remember one of the last places we went before crossing the border to come back home was a Wal-mart. I had $50 dollars to purchase our last few "needed" items. I knew I had more than $50 worth of "treasures" in my cart....

As the cashier started to check out my items, I told her, "I only have $50...When you get to $50, you can stop." She replied, "Well, let me go ahead and check out all your items and we'll see how much it is." She cheerfully began checking out my items, and the total came to $57. She said, "Let me see," and she reached into her pocket and pulled out $2. "Here, I'll put this with your $50." A man standing behind me said, "How much do you need? Here, I've got $5." I stood there in disbelief. I turned, feeling a little embarrassed, to the man... "Oh, you don't have to do that!" He said, "No, I want to. But I'm gonna ask you to do something: When you see someone in need, return the favor. You remember what I've done for you today and return the favor someday to someone else who needs it."

Neither of them knew that I come from a foreign country, and that I was in the United States for a short visit, and that very soon I would be leaving that beloved country. Neither of them knew how touched I was at their friendliness, their "neighborliness."

I think the Lord did that just for remind me that there are STILL good people, just good down-to-earth American people who have that great American neighborly spirit.

America is still great, fellow-citizens. Its people are still great. Keep that American pride. Let's continue to pray for her, for her leaders. Pray that God would have mercy on our nation...
the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Crossing the border into the U.S.....First time for my husband!

Below are the lyrics to part of a song sung by the Vocal Majority choir. My heart is touched as I listen to the song...and it gives a renewed hope...we have blessings to share, we have peace in our land...One Nation Under God....

We are a people who have a faith in God

We are a nation of the free

To live in God’s glory to dwell in His peace

His blessings for all the world to see….

We wake with the dawn, a new day is here

Our place is for foreseen under God

Our future is clear, we follow a path

That leads to the land of the free...

To listen to the song, go to the following web address....


Mona & Tom Sloan said...

Love what America stands for...FREEDOM! Hope it stays that way. I like y'alls shirts. Was that taken today?

Jolene said...

We celebrated by eating out with a Ukrainian friend, Yura. His birthday is July 4th, so HE took US out to eat and said we were celebrating America's birthday! :)

God bless America!