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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cold Water and Care Packages

"As cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."
Proverbs 25:25

Post Office.


What does that mean to a missionary? It means that someone loves you enough to go sit down, take out some pretty stationary or a lovely card and write to you...even though they'll spend a fortune in postage.

But mail to a missionary is contact with loved ones...a message that we are loved, prayed for, remembered.

Don't ever under-estimate the value of mail to a missionary...even if it is an email, now in this age of internet. Unless you are a missionary, you don't realize what a letter, a Christmas card, or a care package from someone in the States can do to bring sunshine and encouragement to a (possibly) lonely missionary family. You ladies that are a part of a Women's Missionary Group of some kind, your thoughtful letters and care packages mean so, so much to a missionary lady (and family!). What a unique ministry you have!

Our favorite part of the day (growing up, especially) was going to the post office. We went every single day. It was almost like Christmas every day. Many people remembered our birthdays, and since there were 10 of us, you can believe that receiving birthday cards came nearly all year 'round!

Grandma always sent us $7 US dollars and a card for each birthday. Many, many churches always mailed us a birthday card. Mrs. Stewart always clipped special things from her newspapers and mailed them to us, and she never, ever forgot anyone's birthday! A couple of times a year, a very special church got things together and would send them to us. It felt like Christmas!!!

A few months ago, our family received a care package (and not the first, mind you!) from Audria, a very dear friend of our family. Audria's care packages are so personal. I can tell she takes time, thinks of each one of us, and really out-does herself for us.

In our book, "Aunt Audria" is a super-special person...she is spoken of and remembered often, especially when our children wear the jackets she sent; or when our children and many neighborhood children are enjoying the side-walk chalk she so thoughtfully sent!

A very special missionary to Ghana is having a give-away at her blog. Read here to find out the details! If you are a missionary mama presently on the field, you just might be the one to win!

I read each comment left by a missionary mama on Mrs. John's blog, and tears came to my eyes as I read each one. I prayed for these ladies, that God would do something special for her...far from home, perhaps suffering home-sickness. God sees each need; He knows about each desire (as insignificant as it may seem!). Chin up, ladies. Keep up the good work!!!

So send a card...Mail a letter...Send a care package to a missionary today! God will surely bless you for encouraging a missionary family!


Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

You have just described our life! Mail is such a huge blessing to missionaries!!!

Misty said...

Anna, the aunt Audria that you are talking is it the same Audria that I know as well ? As seeing some of the things that she sent, it looks like the same person I know as well. With emails in today time, I never thought about what it meant for missionary family to get mail or care Packages. Thank you so much for the reminder !!!"

Anna said...

Yes, one and the same. Dear, Dear Audria. I miss her!

Love your sweet comments!

Andrea S said...

I'm glad you wrote this Anna. I remember growing up when we'd go to the post office and 9 times out of 10 it was empty but when that 1%happened it was like a holiday. Either Nathan or I would beat Mom to the mailbox and it was up high, we would jump up and down till we saw if there was a letter or not. When we did get a letter or card Mom would have a permanent smile on her face and we'd hurry over to the down town square and sit in one of their benches. Then Mom would read the letter then read it out loud to us.
Every once in a while we would get a package and that was even better than Christmas day! It didn't even matter what was in the package.
Mrs Stewart never forgot our birthdays either, she would also put a stick of gum in with the card. What a special and godly woman!
Love your blog Ann!!

Cinnamon said...

I love mail and I'm not far away on a mission field. I love writing letters too. When I feel lonely a letter to a far away friend perks me up~

Loved your post~ Cinnamon

Jolene said...

Way to go, Aunt Audria!!!

This was a fun post, Anna... so true how just a letter, and better yet, a small package of something "ho-hum normal" in the states to someone else can bring so many smiles to the faces of those far away!

~Ruth said...

WOW, do I remember those days of driving downtown to check our box :) So sweet. Love you, sis :)