Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless HIS HOLY NAME.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Vacation

Last week, we returned from a two-week vacation...filled with fun, visiting family, (we visited my husband's family), lots of swimming, sight-seeing, and much, much more.
It was a wonderful time of together-ness as a family...away from the pressures of work and the every-day routine.

The day after we returned, we enjoyed a delightful week-long visit with my sister, Sarah and her precious family.

Here are some photos from our family vacation....

Our first stop was to a village to see some children
who were orphaned a little over a month ago.

Their mother died last year of cancer; and their father was tragically killed when he fell into a 90-meter deep cave. He was drunk. The oldest boy in the picture below (Antonio) asked Andrew and some other men if they could help him find his father. When the rescue team found his body, this young boy began to weep. Andrew has a burden for this family
(6 little ones younger than this young boy in the picture).

We took them clothes, toys and a big bag of bread.
Please pray with us for these children.

We visited my husband's nephew, Joel, and his wife Zaremi
(pictured below with their land-lady).
Joel and Zaremi have just recently moved to Palenque to start a new work among the Ch'ol-speaking Indians. We were able to attend their services on a Sunday. It was a blessing to us to be able to spend time with them. Zaremi just gave birth to their daughter on Saturday...they named her Carlette.
We went to see a beautiful water-fall with Joel and Zaremi, as well as with a good friend of the family (pictured below is his son, Eduardo, next to Little Andrew)
We took the children to a river near Palenque,
where they swam and played in the water.
Here's what I did while Andrew and the children swam in the river!

We visited the zoo in Villahermosa, Tabasco..."Yumka´" was really awesome!

We spent the last week in Amado Nervo,
where Andrew's mother lives (she has been a widow for a year and 10 months)

Beautiful Tumbalá Mountains

Helping "ChuChu" kill, pluck and cook a chicken... Yummy chicken stew with home-made tortillas! Can't get any better!

The children doing some school work while we were in Amado Nervo
Going Bird Hunting with Daddy!

Andrew worked to clean, organize, and paint a room used for storage at Mom López's house....
The finished product!
A lady who stood out in the road and watched the children paint

Our family with Mom López

Mom López standing in her house as we are leaving

The road leading out of Amado Nervo
(I love the contrast seen in this photo, between the fancy, big black truck just up the road from us and the couple on the left, walking to their village, the man carrying his load, and the lady carrying a baby on her back)

The beautiful mountains as we left Amado Nervo
All in all, we had a wonderful time.
Andrew was able to witness to a couple of his nieces
(Aurelia and her daughter, Karla; and Laura).

We are thankful for this restful time we had together.