Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless HIS HOLY NAME.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Abdías

Dearest Readers who have been praying,

Abdías came through the surgery just fine. We are praising the Lord for His care over him, and that he is on the road to recovery.

A big THANK YOU to all who have been praying. Please continue to pray as he recovers.

I will update you again soon.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Please Pray!

Dear Readers,

I would like to introduce you to an Indian young man in our church who was saved about 6 years ago. Abdías López came to the boys' home here from the village of Chalchihuitan.

An Indian man whom Dad won to the Lord in the early 80's (Sebastian Gómez), who now pastors in the village of Chalchihuitan, knew Abdías and sent him to live here in the boys' home.

Abdías, the young man on the left with the guitar

Abdías was saved soon after he arrived, and grew steadily in his Christian life. He went through the Bible Institute here, graduated in 2009, and is faithfully serving in many areas of the church. He has been a great blessing to our church, as well as to our family.

Abdías is the third from the left, in Bro. Sebastian's church

In the month of August, Abdías began having kidney trouble and his condition has steadily grown more seriously. Tomorrow he is to have surgery in the near-by Capitol city of our state.

Would you please take a few moments throughout your day to pray for this 23-year-old young man? He is young and desires to serve the Lord with his life. Please pray that the Lord would give his doctors special wisdom during the surgery and throughout his treatments and recovery.

I will try to give you a regular update.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for praying.