Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless HIS HOLY NAME.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Blessings

On Friday, Debbie and I got to attend the Mother/Daughter Banquet that Liz and Mona (my very creative sisters-in-law) organized.  It was all so, so beautiful!  There were a total of 80 present (counting mothers and daughters), and there were several first-time visitors.

Liz gave the devotion that afternoon.  Her theme was "Beautiful for God," and in her devotion she used different beauty products and applied them to how a lady should care for her inner beauty more than her outward appearance.  "Excellent Job, Liz!  Your devotion was a blessing to me, and it challenged me to seek to be beauitiful for God."

 (All the pictures taken of the banquet are in Mona's camera, so I don't have any to share with you.  Maybe she'll share them with us!)

Yesterday (Saturday) Andrew and I were able to go to the mission in San Lucas.  We had a great time.  I am posting some photos that were taken yesterday.

Several of the young men went to hand out Gospel tracts before the service started.

 Andrew snapped a few photos of people who received these tracts.  
How these photos blessed my heart! 
"Lord, use Your Word to bring salvation to these needy people in San Lucas."

 Tom preaching in San Lucas

Look what Tom and I got to do!
Do you know what instrument this is? 
This instrument is called a "Marimba."  Its layout is just like a piano.
This is the first time I had ever played one of these, 
but Tom and I were able to play several hymns.
It sounded so beautiful.  Our favorite one was "Showers of Blessings."
Doesn't this make you want to come to the mission field for a visit?!
You are welcome to come!!!

Thank you for your prayers for our family.