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Friday, September 28, 2012

Debbie Turned Seven!

On Sunday, September 23rd, our Deborah Jolene turned 7.  It is hard for me to believe (I feel this way every year as her birthday approaches).  However, this year it wasn't so "hard" for me, thinking my "baby" is already 7.

Can you guess why?

You are probably smiling.  Yes, it is because we are expecting another Baby, and anticipating a newborn to come soon eases the conflict I feel at seeing my children grow up so quickly.

I am so thankful for our Debbie.  She is a ray of sunshine in our home. 

I have to share the following cute things she said recently:

Debbie recently finished first grade.  On her last day of Penmanship, she came to me and said, "Mommy, my heart is beeping because I'm doing my last page of Penmanship!"

The children and I enjoy reading the pregnancy calendar, which I printed off the internet.  Every morning we read what our baby is "doing."  On August 27, we read "Try talking to your baby.  Baby can hear you."  I took advantage of the moment and talked to the children about being a good example to our baby.  When he's born, he will look to you to see how to talk, how to treat other, etc.  I said, "You need to be careful how to talk to one another, because even now, our Baby can hear our voices."

That night, as I tucked them in bed, we had prayer together.  When it was Debbie's turn to pray, she said, "Jesus, I'm sorry for not always talking right."  (Distressed.)  "I didn't know my baby could hear me.  Help me to talk kindly from now on."

Below are some photos I took on her birthday.  She is so excited to be 7, but she was disappointed on Sunday that she looked
the same as when she was 6. 

Debbie received a very special envelope from Ukraine from her
Aunt Jolene.
She actually received it in August, and on the outside, it read, "To be saved and opened September 23rd."
She patiently waited, and on her birthday, she opened it.  I snapped the following pictures.

A beautiful card that Aunt Jolene bought in Israel. 
If you notice, it opens backwards!

A magnet frame for the refrigerator!
And a notebook...
(she also received a refrigerator magnet with a picture of the Garden Tomb.)
Very special gifts, indeed.
"Thank You, Aunt Jolene!"
I said, "Deborah, your Aunt Jolene really does love you."

Her party with cousins and aunts and uncles was on Saturday.
Below:  Cousin Hank and Andrew and Debbie helped me decorate
puppy cupcakes (what she wanted).  We had fun.

 (You can see the puppy cupcakes in the lower left corner.)
Cousin (and playmate!) Esther and the Birthday Girl! 

I love you, My Sweet Deborah Jolene!