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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Special Nine-Year-Old

Our Andrew Jonathan turned nine years old on December 22.  His birthday comes at such a fun time of the year, and is usually celebrated with visiting cousins.

The last night he was 8

This year was no exception.  David and Jolene got to come for Christmas, so Davey, Nate, Brianna and Little Micah helped us celebrate, as did Tom and Mona's children.

Little Andrew told us that he didn't really want a big party.  (Boo-hoo!  Does that mean he's gotten too old for birthday parties?!)  He told us he wanted a Lego's toy set, and instead of a cake, he wanted do-nuts from Sam's.

His Do-Nut Cake

He picked out some special candy and his number 9 candle, and Andrew took him down to pick out a Lego's set (which Aunt Jolene and Uncle David bought for him!  Thank you!).  

(Thank you, also, to Aunt Mona, for the Scrabble Dash Card game...a big hit, too!!  And Thank You, Mimi, for the furry slippers...he sleeps with them on every night!!!)

--In the following picture, he's reading the card that Mimi gave to him.  She always writes the sweetest poems in her birthday cards, and I always enjoy reading them.  On Little Andrew's card, she wrote:
"I think you've grown a foot this year...
You've almost reached your Mother.
And it's a good thing,
'Cause you'll need
To hold your Baby Brother!"
I love you.
Proverbs 20:11

Later that afternoon, the boy cousins (and the girls, too!!!) got in on building the cool Lego's airplane.  They spent the whole afternoon working on that.

Little Andrew told me later that night, "Mommy, this was the funnest birthday I've ever had!"

I thank God every day for this little (growing) boy.  What a delightful gift he is!  He is so cheerful, always observant if Mommy needs cheering, and so ready to give a brightening smile.  He wakes up on the sunny side of life every day, and is a very positive-minded little boy.

Yesterday, we were talking about the day he was saved...almost 2 years ago!  He told me he wants to grow more in the Lord this year.

"Lord, I know You have special plans for our Little Andrew.  Please use him for Your honor and glory.  May he fulfill Your perfect plan for his life."


Colleen Brown said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy! I very much enjoyed reading your post and looking at your pictures! Miss you! ~Colleen

Jolene said...

Love it that we were able to be there to celebrate Andrew's birthday with him. This makes two birthdays we've been able to celebrate together... his 7th and now his 9th! What joy!

Charlotte S. said...

Loved reading about Andrew's birthday and how you make it special for him.

When you refer to a birthday card from Mimi, are you referring to your mother Billie Jean??

Just curious and so happy for you and your family.

Lord Bless

~Ruth said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I enjoyed all of the pictures of you on your special day. You are going to be an amazing big brother...any day now! I love you. Aunt Ruthie