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Saturday, March 2, 2013


We are really enjoying our new-born son.  He is such a delight.  Even the night-time feedings are special to me.  I love washing and folding his itty-bitty soft, so little!

Having a new-born baby in the house always brings adjustments for everyone.  It is a blessing having older children, as they are such a big help to me!

We stayed at Mom's house for three weeks after the baby was born.  To say that Mom has been a big help would be an under-statement.  I don't even know how to express my gratefulness for all she has done for us.  She went far beyond what was expected of her.  We made some very precious memories in the weeks we were at her house!  THANK YOU, MOM!!!

Last week we "moved" back to our own house. (I actually wrote this two weeks ago.)  I knew there would be adjustments, juggling house work, getting my husband to work in the mornings, the children's school work, meals, etc.  Praise the Lord, our first week "alone" went very well.   But I know there are very challenging days ahead!!

My youngest, beautiful sister (she is beautiful inside and out...a lady whom I admire very much!...and who also recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl!) wrote something for me, and gave it to me a few days after our baby was born.  It really has been an encouragement and help to me, and I have referred back to it many times!

I would like to share what she wrote with you.  I have a few friends who have either recently given birth, or are expecting a baby, and I know this will be a blessing and an encouragement to them as well.

Things I wish I had remembered...or someone had reminded me...about having a new-born baby
  •  Baby takes up 98% of my time.  Going to the bathroom, taking a bath, reading my Bible, doing my nails,'s a luxury I can barely afford.  But after three months, I can paint my nails, read a magazine, drink a whole cup of coffee while it's still hot.
  • My sleeping time is interrupted.  I am exhausted.  I am scared I will fall asleep and drop him.  I walk and pace and rock and nurse, but he still won't sleep, so I can't sleep.  But after three months, as if by magic, I put him down one night, and sleep until 7:00 a.m.!  I rush to his crib!  Is he still breathing?  Yes!  He just turned into my precious angel who sleeps through the night!
  • Feeding my baby is excruciatingly painful!....I feel guilty because I dread nursing my beautiful, long-awaited, innocent little baby.  But after two weeks, this is the sweetest, most relaxing, tender part of my day...feeding my baby, nourishing his little body.  How delightful these moments are, spent feeding my baby!
  • Baby swallows air.  He doesn't know yet how to coordinate sucking and swallowing, and he gets choked.  I have to burp him, then he spits up the milk he just worked so hard to suck and swallow.  One day, after about two months, I don't even notice and he peacefully falls asleep and doesn't need to be burped anymore.
  • Baby ONLY wants to be held!  But after three months, he discovers his hands and will lay for long periods of time, playing with his hands.
  • I longingly look at my beautiful clothes hanging in my closet.  Will I ever fit into them again?!  Yes, after about two weeks, those darling blouses and skirts will fit again!
  • I wish someone had reminded me to always have wet wipes and hand sanitizer in my diaper bag at all times!
  • I wish I had had a baby sling the first month of baby's birth.  This keeps people from touching, kissing or asking if they can hold baby!  Also, this sling is so, so awesome, because I can do laundry, cook, sweep and mop, teach, make beds...and baby is happily asleep.  It also provides great privacy when having to nurse in public.
  • I wish I had known how much it helps him stay asleep during the first month if he is swaddled...arms by his sides, wrapped like a taco.  (While he sleeps, his hands flail around, waking him up.  If they are wrapped up, they don't wake him up.)
  • I wish I had remembered what miracles 4 or 5 drops of Espaven do for his gassy tummy.
  • I wish I had not felt so guilty about not caring for my older children.  Children are quick to forgive and forget that you do not hold them and pamper them like you used to.  And, yes, after the Magical Three Month Mark, everything gets back to normal!
  • I WISH I HAD KNOWN THAT THERE WAS A THREE-MONTH PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT!  For me, for baby, for older children, for husband, for housework...everything does eventually get back to normal after three months.
  • But most of all, I wish someone had reminded me of how swiftly time flies, how quickly they change...and yet, not to long for the days past, but to enjoy every moment, every change...and how each new thing they discover, each onesie they out-grow, each ounce of weight they put on, is a JOY because they are HEALTHY and ALIVE!

Thank you, Little Sister, for these very valuable reminders!!!

...If any of you mothers reading this would like to add your own thoughts, advice, and words of wisdom with the rest of us, please feel free to share in the comments section.   We can all learn from each other.  Motherhood is such a sweet and beautiful gift from God.  Let's learn from each other and share in the joy of this wonderful  part of being a woman!

Here is a peek into the sweetness this Little Blessing from Heaven  has added to our home:


Dodi Ward said...

Sweet Anna,
Thank you, again, for your precious blog! I loved the "reminders" from your sister. I had forgotten some of these hints, and Chelsea was glad to hear them also. What beautiful pictures of the children. I especially loved the ones of big sissy (Debbie) sleeping with her little brother! Love it!! God bless you all...and I will look forward to the next "read". Love, Dodi

Jolene said...

Precious, precious pictures of your THREE sweet ones! And wonderful advice from Fiz... love BOTH of you!!!

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

He is beautiful! What sweet, true words of wisdom from your sister! Enjoy each and every day with ALL your kiddos!

Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful list!! That should be handed out to every new Mama. Of course I think I could have used it after I had Rosie and she was my 10th :-)

What would I add? Each baby is different. One may sleep all night right away and the next might not sleep for months through the night. (ask me how I know?) :-)

I love the picture of your dtr holding his paci while sleeping. Soo sweet!!

Happy happy happy for you!


Nikki R said...

Thank you so much for sharing.:) Something I have learned over our years of babies is just how quickly they grow and not to be "afraid" to hold them and just spend time thanking God for such a precious gift. Each little milestone is amazing! They grow too fast!
Your little guy is absolutely sweet and cute.

Tori said...

Hey's adorable. The photo with him sleeping between your daughter's legs is precious.

Anonymous said...

Love it! And a little drop of breastmilk in an irritated eye, or on a skin eruption, or squirted up the nose during a cold or allergy outbreak does great things! :o) Vanessa Rosales