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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sing Unto The Lord

Dear Readers,

My sister-in-law, Liz (Philip's wife) and I recorded a CD in Spanish and it is finally ready and available.  The Lord allowed me to translate most of the songs on the CD.

I want to take this opportunity to say how much I love and admire Liz.  She is a godly lady, and she was our pastor's wife for 11 years.  Now that Philip and Liz have moved on to start a new work in the state of Veracruz, we miss them so much.  I am so thankful for the privilege of getting to accompany Liz on the piano many times.  My piano playing is no match for her beautiful voice, but I counted it as a great privilege to get to play for her.  I am grateful that Liz and I were able to record this CD together.

The songs included on this CD are as follows:

  • Al Señor Seamos Fieles
  • Aún Quisiera Ir (Translated by my sister, Elizabeth Martínez)
  • Diré a Cristo
  • No Se Deshace del Barro (Translated by Anna Lopez)
  • El Nombre de Jesús (Translated by Anna Lopez)
  • Mi Dios Es Santo (Translated by Anna Lopez)
  • No Habrá Noche
  • Qué Bueno Es Dios (Translated by Anna Lopez)
  • ¿Quién Soy Yo?  (Translated by Anna Lopez)
  • Yo Puedo Entrar (Abigail Miller Ministries, Translated by Anna Lopez)
  • Seamos Fieles (Translated by Anna Lopez)

Our greatest desire is that the name of our Lord would be glorified through the songs on this CD, and that others would be edified.  May God receive the glory.  He is worthy.

If you wish to order a CD, please get in touch with me.

~~My sister, Ruth, also recorded a CD (she recorded two:  One in English and one in Spanish). 
 Please go to her blog here to read more about it.


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I would love to get a cd! Just let me know what to do...!

Jolene said...

Mom gave us a copy today, and I SO look forward to hearing it soon! I'm sure it will be gorgeous since you both have amazing voices and talent galore. Thank you for blessing our home with your God-honoring music!

~Ruth said...

Quiero uno :) Can't wait to get it! Love you, dearie!