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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Greatest Of All

I want to take time to say how grateful I am for my older children, Andrew (9) and Deborah (7), who were such a great help to me throughout my pregnancy, and have continued to be so since our baby was born.  They hear a lot of the following:

  • "Pass me a diaper."
  • "Bring me the baby's towel."
  • "Go turn off the stove."
  • "Sweep the floor for Mommy."
  • "Run get the wet wipes!!!"
  • "Grab the diaper bag." 
...Etc., etc., etc.

How wonderful it is to have good help, and I am thankful that I can rely on them for things I need done.  What a difference it has made with this baby to have older children who truly are a big help!

A few weeks ago, the children and I were talking about the discussion the disciples had among themselves about who was the greatest.  Jesus later told them that the greatest is the servant of all.  I told them that when they are serving others, they are indeed the greatest of all.

I heard Debbie say to Andrew the other day, "You go first.  I want to be the greatest."  I had to smile.  But to my children I say, "To Mommy you are the greatest because you have had such a servant's attitude, and I do appreciate it!"

From one grateful Mommy,
Mrs. Lopez


~Ruth said...

I know what you mean! That's why it's easier for me now that I have 7 than when I had 3. Yay for sweet-spirited, hard-working kids! I love you, dearie!

Jolene said...

Precious! I love those big helpers of yours so much!