Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless HIS HOLY NAME.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blessed Happenings

It has been a while since I have written on my blog.  Life as a wife and mother is busy, especially when you home-school and when you have an adorable 8-month-old baby boy to care for.  My children are growing so (so) quickly, and loving, nurturing, teaching and training them takes up most of my time.  The rest of my time is for my husband, with whom I fall in love all over again every day as we spend time together...caring for and loving our children together.

My brother, Philip and his family came in August, and we were blessed to spend a week with them.  They have moved on to the state of Veracruz to begin a new work there.  How we miss them here!  It did my heart good to be able to spend such a special time with Phil and Liz and his precious boys (Josh, Sammy and Mark).  We are excited to meet their sweet expected baby, who is due to be born in November.

My husband's nephew, Joel, is a pastor in a city not far from where he was raised.  Joel and his sweet family recently started a church in Ch'ol country, where the Lord is using them in a great way.  The Lord recently provided a way for them to purchase a land on which they plan to build a church.  Please pray for this dear family as they work hard for our Lord.  It is so hot where they work, and they do not have the luxury of air conditioning; but I wish that you dear readers could just spend some time with them and see how joyfully they serve the Lord.  Their enthusiasm is certainly contagious!

We recently took a much-needed and amazingly fun vacation.  We enjoyed the beautiful, scenic drive to the peninsula of Yucatán.  We were able to spend some very special time with beloved friends (missionaries in that part of the country); and we were also able to visit with my husband's sister and family.  (They are unsaved, and my husband was able to once again share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  Two days ago, his brother-in-law passed away, and we can only hope that he called on the name of the Lord for salvation before he died.)

Adrian and Maurisa

We have also been able to spend special time with my sweet mother.  How privileged I feel that I live close enough to my mother that she can watch our children grow up, and they can see her life and testimony at this young age.  I know they benefit greatly being able to fellowship with and love on their Mimi, and to be able to see her walk with the Lord.

My Little Andrew is doing really well in school.  I thank the Lord for his seriousness in his school work, and pray that he would do his work as unto the Lord.  I remind him daily to do his work, not to please his mommy and daddy, but to please the Lord.

(Our children playing with the little neighbor boy)
Our Debbie-Girl will turn 8 next Monday (September 23rd).  How a part of me wants to stop time and keep her little; but the other part of me delights to see how she is growing and learning and getting sweeter every day.  She loves (loves, loves, loves) animals and dreams of one day having her own puppy and horse.  Her daddy bought her a pair of bunnies as an early birthday gift.  She is so happy to have them as pets and gently and lovingly cares for them.  She and her daddy enjoy working together caring for the few chickens that we have.  They are learning all about chicken care.  (I'll admit that I'm glad they're the chicken care-givers and not I!!!!)

...And our Baby Tommy is growing and learning so quickly!  He now has 2 teeth; he eats very well (he thinks that all the food he sees is naturally for him and eats just about anything anyone will feed him); he is learning to clap his hands; he gleefully plays with himself when he sees himself in the mirror; loves seeing his Daddy walk through the door; and gets so excited when he sees Daddy play his guitar; he "sings" along with us; and....the list goes on and on.  I believe I have spent more time on this month's page in his Baby Calendar ("Thank you, Mona, for this priceless gift!!") than I have any other month.  The things he does are just too cute, and I hope I can remember every new phase in this sweet baby boy's life.

My Honey and I enjoy a cup of coffee together every evening.  It has been a routine of ours for quite a few years now, and I so look forward to that time of our day.  Some evenings we have specific things about which we talk, and other evenings we just share being together.

The Lord is so good to me, much more than I deserve or expect.  He has given us good health, safety, a good church in which to serve, a home filled with love, and the privilege of prayer and sweet fellowship with Him.  Though there are moments of uncertainty, fear, and discouragement, we are aware that these feelings are caused by attacks from our enemy.  But we rejoice in the fact that "greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world."

I would love to hear from you dear readers, and to know that you pray for us.  How encouraging is the thought that others are praying for us.

Have a lovely day!!!


Lou Ann Keiser said...

Hello! I met your mother when she and I spoke at a ladies' conference in Puerto Rico. What a lovely lady! I know it is a blessing to be near her. Your littlest son is the same age as our littlest grandson, who's also half Mexican. :o) So precious! It was fun to read your blog. I enjoyed sensing your love for family and ministry. God bless you all!

~Ruth said...

I pray for you every day, dear sister. I would LOVE to sit in one evening on your coffee time, and chat a while. Until then, I will keep on dreaming :) Love you, Anna! Hugs for you and your sweet family.

Jolene Sloan said...

I pray! And I am so glad to see you post again. I LOVE your writings!!!