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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Child's Art

I have always loved my children's drawings and art work. Since they were very small, I have collected and saved back their finest masterpieces.

Their pictures and drawings give me an idea of what is in their little minds and hearts, and it allows me to know what they are thinking. This has always been so important to me!

The things my children say and the way they say them are a signal to me of their attitudes and their innermost feelings.  And their attitude is the light that shines on what is in their souls. 

"The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly."  Proverbs 20:27

--If you can read this one and figure it out, you'll get quite a laugh!--

There have been times that I have paid special attention to some things my children have said and the way in which they were said; and sure enough, there was an "unsettled bit of business" in their little minds and hearts. A bit of talking to, encouragement to talk to Mama, some tears shed, reading Scriptures pertaining to the subject; a word of prayer with my child, and it was all taken care of.  He's back to his old happy self, and Mama feels relief and gratefulness in her heart. "Thank You, Lord!"

May God help us parents to really look into our children's eyes, to see their expressions and to see the attitudes and meanings behind the words they say. Look at their drawings and ask them what it means and what they're expressing.  Don't be too busy with life's less important, sometimes demanding things. Make your children a priority. 

Taking 3-4 minutes to look at her picture and to talk about it with her may save you heartache down the road in her life. Mommy sees and appreciates my work; she takes the time to ask me about it and makes sure she understands what I'm conveying through my pictures.

Then she hangs it on the fridge and shows Daddy when he comes home. This makes me feel appreciated. I am special, and I am loved. 

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Jolene Sloan said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post, Anna!!!